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Sunny Training


Sunny Training is all about communication. We provide conversational skills training. Municipalities, charities and businesses have been taking part in our CRKBO-registered training programmes since 2005.


  1. Agreements: the general delivery conditions apply to all quotes, activities, contracts and invoices of Sunny Training.

  2. Sunny Training can refuse an assignment or refrain from further executing the assignment in the event of a conflict with general standards and values.

  3. Upon acceptance of an assignment, Sunny Training will indicate exactly what services shall be provided under what conditions. Sunny Training will do everything in its power to ensure the successful completion of the assignment.

  4. Implementation conditions: the client and Sunny Training will make clear agreements concerning: the topic of the training or workshop or other assignment, the determination of the learning needs, the materials to be used, the travel and accommodation costs, the cost estimate, the role of the trainer, the role of the participants, the role of the (co-)trainer, the role of the training actor, the costs of the venue, the media trainer, etcetera.

  5. Sunny Training reserves the right to withdraw from an assignment on the grounds of changing circumstances that would inhibit the proper execution of the assignment.

  6. Upon acceptance of an assignment, the client has a legal cooling-off period of 14 days.

  7. Third parties are only brought in to assist with the assignment in close conference between the client and Sunny Training.

  8. Confidentiality: Sunny Training shall treat any confidential personal or business information with due care and observe the usual degree of diligence when sharing obligatory information with third parties. Said information will only be shared with the permission of all parties involved.

  9. The intellectual property of Sunny Training (methodologies, models, techniques, instruments, materials, etcetera) shall remain the property of Sunny Training. Sunny Training's intellectual property may therefore e.g. not be reused as training material for training purposes provided by parties other than Sunny Training itself.

  10. Payment must be made prior to the training and no later than 14 days after the invoice date.

  11. Cancellation of the assignment is possible until 31 days before the start of the training or the execution of the assignment, with observance of a € 70,- fine for administrative and registration costs.
    If an assignment is cancelled within four weeks of the starting date of the assignment or training, 50% of the quoted amount will be billed.
    If an assignment is cancelled within two weeks of the starting date of the assignment or training, 100% of the quoted amount will be billed.
    In the event of a withdrawal during the training or assignment, the client is not entitled to restitution of monies paid.
    If the training is cancelled by the client, the training can be retaken in the same format (live or online) or an alternative format (live or online) within 365 days of the date of cancellation. After the end of this 365-day period, this opportunity will no longer be available and the investment and the training will lapse.

  12. It goes without saying that the satisfaction of its course participants and clients is Sunny Training's primary goal. Complaints about Sunny Training's services can be filed via the official complaints procedure on this website.

  13. All agreements between Sunny Training and its clients are subject to Dutch law.

  14. Sunny Training accepts no liability of any kind from clients and/or individual participant(s) for (material or immaterial) damage incurred prior to, during or after its training session(s).

  15. Participants use equipment and materials entirely at their own risk. Every participant is personally liable for any accidents they are involved in. Sunny Training accepts no liability of any kind for any (material and/or immaterial) damage resulting from e.g. an accident or (physical and/or psychological) harm suffered by participants.

  16. Sunny Training accepts no liability of any kind for damage, loss or theft suffered by participants, such as any form of damage (e.g. a physical injury, damage to clothing or emotional/psychosocial harm).

Miriam Kuijpers

Sunny Training

Oude Rijksstraatweg 11

7391 MA Twello

Tel. 06 10 48 49 01

COC number 28106033

Delivery Conditions Sunny Training
Chamber of Commerce 28106033
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